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M*A*S*H Season 11 Full Episodes

While Henry is away visiting General Hammond at the 325th Evac Hospital, Trapper, now named chief surgeon closely Houlihan's wishes, leads the camp in a general handing anew of regulations, and wild partying ensues. Burns and Houlihan are horrified and write a description to the General. They also agreement to their repressed passions and the two have sex in Houlihan's tent. Hawkeye, Duke and Trapper speedily discover the tryst and have Cpl. "Radar" O'Reilly area a microphone below their cot and impression it on top of the public dwelling system; everyone hears Houlihan telling Burns to "Kiss my hot lips!", earning her the nickname "Hot Lips". Houlihan and Burns, initially unaware of the mic placed underneath the cot, listen their own voices echo anew the PA system once the system starts to draw feedback, forcibly ending the sexual disagreement. The in the heavens of day, Houlihan and Burns are repeatedly mocked by each and every one camp; to the lead Hawkeye quietly taunts Burns approximately the deed, an angered Burns attacks him. As a outcome, Burns is out cold, restrained and shipped stateside for psychiatric review, much to the camp's delight.

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